Artist Statement
Early Years arts Practitioner

Creativity may require the dexterity of the fingertips but it is with every pore of their body that the early years child absorbs, explores and responds to the world around them. Through play they learn and if learning work, work is play! Why then do some of us continue to learn this way and others take a different direction. My methodology and approach to working with early years children is governed by my preferred learning style; I am a kinaesthetic learner and the early years child is my ideal co-creator. We don’t just need to touch it, we need to be in it, outside of it, hear it, wear it, and be it, to truly understand what it is we are doing or even just thinking about doing. Nothing is impossible there is little separation between the physical and the imaginary.

My work evolves through a process of exploring, shredding, questioning and observing the early years child at work. I offer an idea or an abstract concept and the materials, textures and sounds that provide the aesthetic palette that I require to make artwork in response to the direction the children have things. I believe that each child holds their own narrative and what I bring are the props to express and support this narrative to grow.

The core theme of my collaborative work is focused on ‘learning about learning’. My ambition is to invite audiences young and old to ‘engage’ and ‘play’ with sculptural objects, installations, performances and sounds that stimulate the senses and evoke the dexterity of the body and mind.

Helen Barry

 Exploring 'Spine' 2017